…Superintendent Russ Reiter, in his report, said that the Board’s decision to pay the $2,000 dollars to join EAIS (Energy Association Of Iowa Schools)…would help the school save money on utility costs.

Lights will be installed in the Middle School hallways, along with more lighting being installed in the High School band room as well as the small gym. There is the possibility of retrofitting or replacing lamps in the Webster School building in an area currently being renovated.

Reiter said that costs could run up to thirty thousand dollars, but, with the assistance of EAIS, the district could be receiving a grant that would help to cover 50% of that cost. Also, there will be rebates to help cut the cost of the lighting, which will help cover nearly 20% more of the cost. Reiter said that, when done, up to 68% could be saved on the total cost of the project.

Full article: Oskaloosa School Board Sends Its Recommendations To IASB | Oskaloosa News.