Creston Community School District has some of the most energy-efficient buildings in the state of Iowa and throughout the Midwest, according to a study recently conducted by Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) of Des Moines.

The study states many schools across Iowa without air conditioning expend about $1.15 per square foot, per year in their buildings. In comparison, Creston School District… expends only about 83 cents per square foot, per year with air conditioning…

(Creston business manager Roy) Stroud said energy efficiency studies have been conducted on the Creston School District before and were favorable, but this latest study by the EAIS was in a more usable format, which compared Creston to other school districts in Iowa.

…The study was conducted because Creston School District is reviewing replacement options for the HVAC system at Creston High School. | Creston Schools ranked one of the most energy efficient in Iowa in Creston, Iowa