EAIS recently completed its first trio of on-site learning sessions for school facilities operators, called “Do’s and Don’ts of Geothermal: Maximizing Efficiency.”

Above: Each learning session included a geothermal site tour. Here the group enjoys checking out the new geothermal system in Keokuk’s newly remodeled high school. Below: Guest speaker/trainer from WaterFurnace, Rich Conklin, shared geothermal system measurement tools to assist with the determination of system efficiency.

Evaluation results have been hot! Results from the first session in Keokuk included:

  • 100% felt the overall quality of program was either “excellent” (43%) or “very good” (57%)
  • 100% felt the relevance of information was either “excellent” (57%) or “very good” (43%)

Each evaluation included space for additional training topic suggestions. EAIS will place these ideas on a learning schedule and continue to provide professional development learning opportunities for Iowa school facilities operators in the future.