Congratulations to the 16 Iowa schools who are participating in the first year of the new Iowa School Radon Training & Support System. These schools went through the statewide workshops between September 23 and October 28, and will be doing their own school radon testing this winter, supported all the way by Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS).

Not only were workshop evaluations positive, the new support system recently received this endorsement from Bruce Snead, director of the National Radon Program Services with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Kansas State University*:

“As the provider of national radon technical assistance to the public for EPA for 6 years…and as a radon trainer of 27 years, and with extensive experience in school indoor air quality issues, I can assure you…that the level of assistance, planning and support provided through the Iowa School Radon Training and Support System program is far superior to any information available on the EPA web site, and the plan that you and your facility manager jointly developed in one day simply could not be developed from EPA web based school resources. The cost for this support is an excellent investment and I commend you for engaging in this effort to reduce the risk of radon exposure for students, faculty and staff…I…am very impressed by the initiative of the EAIS to create this program…Congratulations and thanks for being proactive in reducing radon risk in schools!”

The Iowa School Radon Training & Support System will continue supporting its current 16 schools and expand to assist new schools in 2016-2017. If your school is interested in participating next year, please contact EAIS director, Julie Weisshaar.

*Kansas State University, as a partner in the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium, provides national radon services and projects for the US EPA through a cooperative agreement.