One of the main principles Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) implements with its member school districts is “efficiency first.” So we were excited today to see an article from Iowa State University (ISU) pointing out the importance of energy efficiency as an “important, low cost solution to climate change.”

The article is titled “Addressing Climate Change Should Start with Policies to Increase Energy Efficiency,” and features Yu Wang, an assistant professor of political science who studies global energy policy and energy efficiency at ISU.

Wang stresses that all avenues, including conservation efforts and renewable energy sources, are necessary to address climate change. However, the energy efficiency market is a more affordable option than many renewable sources and does not require consumers to change their habits and routines.

“We should not just forget about the demand-side resources, and energy efficiency is one of them that can save us a significant amount of energy and at the same time save us money,” Wang said.

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