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Energy Association of Iowa Schools director, Julie Weisshaar, has been appointed as an active member of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation working group for the Iowa Energy Plan. Through this process, the State of Iowa is setting priorities and providing strategic guidance for a statewide plan to assess current and future energy supply and demand, examine energy policies and programs and identify emerging challenges and opportunities. “I am honored to have this opportunity to represent the energy needs and priorities of Iowa’s education system on this working group,” says Weisshaar.

Members have been selected in the pillar areas of Economic Development and Energy Careers, Iowa’s Energy Resources, Transportation and Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency and Conservation. The working groups were organized around these pillars. More than 140 applications were received for the 48 spots available within these groups. The groups will provide input, review data and help shape the goals and strategies of the plan.

Selection for working group membership was based on a number of factors, with the intent to bring together groups that represent the diversity of energy stakeholders. Factors considered included expertise, organization type, geographic distribution around the state, industry sectors and energy sources.

For more information, visit the Iowa Energy Plan website.