Grant funding has been awarded to EAIS and the School Radon Training & Support System (SRTSS) for 2017-18!  As a result, $1000 matching grants are available for approximately 21 school districts to participate in SRTSS and test their buildings for radon. These 21 districts will also have access to a $9000 mitigation assistance fund to be shared as needed.

These generous grant dollars make the already-affordable SRTSS even more affordable and accessible to schools, allowing them to keep their students, educators and communities as safe as possible from radon-induced lung cancer. The deadline to sign up is October 2, 2017.

Kickoff workshops begin across the state on October 11, 2017. Click here for more information.

This grant funding was received by Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) from the Iowa Cancer Consortium (ICC) and Iowa Department of Public Health.

Please contact Julie Weisshaar for more information.