What is the #RadonActionChallenge?


Because the natural gas called radon can get caught indoors and cause lung cancer, it might seem scary to talk about. The #RadonActionChallenge campaign’s goal is to have every day, real people share just how easy it is to test for and fix radon so it cannot harm you and your family.

 We began the #RadonActionChallenge in November with a fundraiser for the Orcutt Radon Reduction Foundation Fund. Even if you missed it or were unable to participate, we hope you’ll join the meaningful fun of sharing #RadonActionChallenge pics on social media during January Radon Action Month.

The #RadonActionChallenge is funded in part through a mini-grant from the Conference of radiation Control Program Directors.

What in the Heck is a Hashtag [#]?

  •  A hashtag sounds complicated, but is simply a word or phrase constructed after a pound sign [#]. 
  • When you add a hashtag to a social media post, other people will be able to see your post if they search for that hashtag–which increases the likelihood that people you don’t already know will see what you had to say.
  • It’s easy to use a hashtag like #RadonActionChallenge. Just type it in your post like the example at left. You can see more examples by checking out our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  • Then to see what other people have shared online using the same hashtag, go to your own social media pages like Facebook and Twitter and search for #RadonActionChallenge. It’s fun to see!