Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) works hard to efficiently pull together the resources needed to meet the energy and radon needs of its member school districts. Its team of champions includes the team members below and five Iowa school superintendents on the EAIS Board of Directors.

Julie Weisshaar

Executive Director

Julie’s urban and rural experiences led her to co-founding Energy Association of Iowa Schools in 2011 and creating the School Radon Training & Support System in 2015. Her previous professional background includes 15 years of Iowa education administrative and public relations experience at the local, regional and state levels.  Julie says that using her master’s degree in Community Development to create a statewide community of support for schools continues to be a fulfilling adventure.

Shelley Mason

Member Support Specialist

Shelley joins the EAIS team with a strong education background. Her past professional highlights include 18 years as a special education consultant with Iowa’s Area Education Agencies, a master’s degree in Education, as well as 11 years as a teacher in a rural Iowa. She says she is having fun learning how energy and radon testing also fit into the school world!

Tessa Hull

Building Operator Pathway Coordinator

Tess comes to EAIS with a variety of experiences that have merged into strong support for students in the pilot Building Operator Pathway (BOP). Her past professional highlights include being an after school program site coordinator, a school paraprofessional, and a library programming and adult services specialist. In addition, she and her husband own and run a local business. She says one of the things she enjoys most about BOP is, “It’s not ‘normal’.”

Keith Turner

School Radon Representative

Keith is a recently retired educator who spent 37 years as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent in three different Iowa school districts. Turner is a past chairman of the EAIS Board of Directors, where he helped in the development of the EAIS School Radon Training & Support System. Keith is uniquely qualified to provide practical guidance for school administrators seeking to test their buildings for radon, as he implemented the program in his own schools and can personally attest to the merits and ease of the process. 

Cindy Norman

School Radon Representative

Cindy comes to EAIS as an experienced educator of 34 years. Her teaching background ranges from teaching K-12 grade students, a master’s degree in Elementary Education, along with endorsements in TAG and Early Childhood. She also had opportunities to teach literacy and technology classes to educators and students in China. Cindy looks forward to learning more about radon and energy needs to help schools create safer learning environments.

Jeff Norman

School Radon Representative

Jeff joins the EAIS team with a strong technology background. He has 10 years experience working with Area Education Agency maintenance and technology, as well as 22 years as a school technology coordinator in several Iowa school districts. His expertise and problem solving skills add an appreciated dimension to the team. Jeff is looking forward to working with Iowa schools on radon testing to help create a safer environment for all.


Roxanne Carroll

Accounting Clerk

Rox joins EAIS with 25 years of public accounting experience and is doing a great job shaping our new accounting clerk position. Her background with a community college, health services organization and tax company fits together useful puzzle pieces to help EAIS grow! Rox is having fun translating her computer knowledge into learning to use a Mac.