Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) is small and mighty. EAIS works hard to efficiently pull together the resources needed to meet the energy and radon needs of its school districts. Its team of champions includes Julie Weisshaar as the organization’s executive director, Shelley Mason as member support specialist, and five Iowa school superintendents as the Board of Directors.

Extra consultation and support is provided, as needed, by private sector firms. These groups bring well-rounded technical expertise that can address any question that comes up in school energy management and school radon management, which are very often connected.

Iowa’s electric and natural gas utilities also collaborate to provide usage data and energy efficiency programs and rebates, per Iowa’s Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery requirements. 

Julie Weisshaar

 Executive Director

Julie’s professional background includes the creation of the School Radon Training & Support System (SRTSS), forming and launching a statewide nonprofit organization, management of a statewide energy efficiency program, a master’s degree in community development, and 15 years of Iowa education administrative and public relations experience at the local, regional and state levels. Her urban and rural experiences led her to co-founding Energy Association of Iowa Schools in 2011 and creating SRTSS in 2015.

Shelley Mason

Member Support Specialist

Shelley comes to EAIS with a strong education background. Her past professional highlights include 18 years as a special education consultant with Iowa’s Area Education Agencies, a Masters degree in Education, as well as 11 years as a teacher in a rural Iowa. She says she is having fun learning how energy and radon testing also fit into the school world!