About EAIS

Market research with Iowa school districts revealed a need for, and a willingness to join, an association to gain access to unbiased energy knowledge, building-specific energy coaching, facilities manager professional development, and helpful connections. To meet those needs Energy Association of Iowa Schools (EAIS) was created in December of 2011.

In 2015, at its members’ request, EAIS expanded into training schools how to accurately test for radon and prevent radon-induced lung cancer in their buildings. In 2021, again at the request of members, EAIS is expanding into supporting additional school district environmental health needs such as virus prevention. 

EAIS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for educational purposes. Learn more about the resources we provide for school radon testing and support, and energy efficiency in our member schools.

Our Mission

Energy Association of Iowa Schools is the energy management, radon reduction, and environmental health champion for rural schools.

The definition of rural schools is any school with a student enrollment of 3,000 or fewer students. Larger schools may be allowed to join with approval from the EAIS Board of Directors.

Our Vision

The vision of Energy Association of Iowa Schools is for every member to refocus budget dollars on student learning and safety.


Learn more about the benefits of membership in EAIS and how to join.

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