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Basic Members of EAIS receive these Benefits:

  • Access to School Radon Training and Support System (on a per building basis)
  • Radon/energy data storage and protection
  • Financial and learning opportunities from State and Federal grants received by EAIS
  • Ability to participate in new Career and Technical Education/Work-Based Learning opportunities such as the Building Operator Pathway
  • Access to online and regional energy professional development trainings and information
  • Receive information on new rebate, program, and grant opportunities
  • Access to evolving new school supports in areas such as renewable energy, building electrification, air quality, and resiliency hubs
  • EAIS does not sell any energy equipment, products, or commodities, which enables us to be as unbiased as possible with advice

School Radon Training & Support System (SRTSS):

Training and year-long support for Iowa schools who are interested in meeting the requirements in Iowa’s HF 2412 Gail Orcutt School Radon Safety Act by learning to test their buildings for radon themselves. SRTSS is based upon national radon protocol, best practice, and in-the-trenches experience. A Basic Membership based upon enrollment is required to participate. Click here for more details.

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