We Got Your Back: REGISTER for 2023-24 School Radon Kickoffs

Radon has been proven to cause lung cancer, even in non-smokers. To help prevent lung cancer the Gail Orcutt School Radon Safety Act (Iowa House File 2412), named in memory of EAIS supporter and radon safety advocate Gail Orcutt, is now Iowa law. It requires all Iowa public schools to test for radon every 5 years and to mitigate if elevated levels are found. Who got your back? EAIS got your back!

EAIS has Iowa schools covered with its School Radon Training and Support System (SRTSS). We have been helping schools prevent radon-induced lung cancer in their buildings since 2015. One hundred Iowa schools have already tested over 285 buildings with the support of EAIS. SRTSS is:

  • Approved by the State of Iowa Health and Human Services as a Radon Measurement Training Course for Iowa School District Employees.
  • All you need to meet the requirements of the new Iowa School Radon Safety law.
  • Training for school teams to learn how to test their own buildings for radon.
  • Support through the entire test and fix process
  • The ONLY Iowa-based radon training specific to Iowa schools

This process begins by registering for a School Radon Kickoff. 2023-24 dates are below. Schools leave the kickoff with a plan, schedule and test kits, and go home to test their own buildings during the winter with EAIS support. EAIS also provides assistance with the required public reporting. Who got your back? EAIS got your back!

2023-24 School Radon Kickoff Dates and locations (attend any ONE)

  • Sept 13 – Sioux City, IA – Northwest AEA
  • Sept 27 – Avoca, IA – Green Hills AEA 
  • Oct 11 – Elkader, IA – Keystone AEA
  • Oct 18 – Zoom option for repeat participants only
  • Oct 25Bettendorf, IA – Mississippi Bend AEA
  • Nov 8 – Johnston, IA – Heartland AEA

TIMES for all in-person kickoffs (Lunch is included for all): New participants and repeat schools with new staff: 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Repeat participants who began radon testing between 2015-2023 have the option of Zoom or attending a kickoff in person from noon – 2:30.

COST is a required basic membership based upon school district enrollment + per building cost based on type (5-year schedule TBD during Kickoff). Includes radon test kits. 

< 3,000 enrollment = $500
3,000 – 5,999 = $1,000
6,000 – 11,999 = $2,000
12,000 – 23,999 = $3,000


COST PER BUILDING to be TESTED IN 2023-24, determined by school teams during workshop 
Elementary = $2,000 each
Intermediate, Junior High, Middle School = $2,500 each
K-12 building, Jr/Sr High, High School = $3,000 each
Other building over 30,000 SF = $1,000 each
Other under 30,000 SF = no additional cost

Register here at least one week before your desired kickoff date. 

The Iowa School Radon Training and Support System© is a hybrid created specifically for schools to use as a guide, based upon information from:

1) United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Radon Measurement in Schools: Revised Edition (1993); 2) Iowa Department of Public Health Radon Testing Protocols for Iowa Child Care Centers (2014); 3) EPA Managing Radon in Schools (2010); 4) ANSI-AARST MALB 2014 Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products In Schools and Large Buildings, and 5) School Radon Training & Support System experience and school district participant input.

SRTSS collaborators include: Dr. Bill Field, University of Iowa College of Public Health, Gail Orcutt, radon-induced lung cancer advocate; Healthy Homes Radon Education and Consulting; Iowa Cancer Consortium; and the Iowa Department of Public Health.