The energy part of Energy Association of Iowa Schools’ (EAIS) services has a small and equitable yearly membership cost of $1 per student served. After schools join, they see a positive difference with the EAIS 5-Step Energy Champion Process. Over the last two years, through energy improvements made with knowledge and support from EAIS, roughly 30 member schools in Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy and Black Hills Energy service territories have saved an estimated: 691,137 kWh of electricity and 27,185 therms of natural gas. 


In 2016, EAIS member schools made significant improvements to their energy infrastructure to find significant annual savings.

  • Made improvements in Heating, Ventilation and/or Air Conditioning Systems 40% 40%
  • Made improvements in Outdoor Lighting 40% 40%
  • Made improvements in Indoor Lighting. 66% 66%
  • Made improvements in Insulation, Windows/Doors, Plug Load and Controllers. 42% 42%


of survey respondents believe there is value in having EAIS as (their) utility “key account manager” and connection to answer energy questions.


of survey respondents believe there is value in having EAIS, who understands the different energy needs and budgets of education, as the energy champion for rural schools in Iowa.


survey participation rate

Sources: 2015 and 2016 EAIS Member Energy Improvement Surveys

Energy Efficiency in Iowa Schools

With valuable unbiased information, building-specific energy coaching, facilities manager professional development, and helpful connections, EAIS and member schools collaborate to:

  • Identify priority energy conservation projects that improve school buildings, reduce electricity/kilowatt hour usage and natural gas/therm usage, and save General Fund dollars.
  • Benefit from economies of scale and sharing professional services. There is no need to pay individually for basic energy services, training and information.
  • Regionally offer energy team and facility operator training to save out-of-district time and mileage.
  • Pay attention for new rebate, program and grant opportunities.
  • Enable school budget dollars to refocus on student learning instead of utility bills.
  • EAIS does not sell any energy equipment or products.

Additional EAIS Supports and Energy Accomplishments

  • Wrote and received matching state lighting grants for 11 member schools that ranged from $2,707 to $16,500 each. Resulting energy improvements are saving each improved building up to $2,721 annually in electric costs.
  • Enabled $162,529 to be contributed to the Iowa economy through the above lighting projects.
  • Saved Iowa schools and taxpayers $79,616 in upfront project costs with grants.
  • Provided coaching on topics such as HVAC, lighting, insulation, wind turbines, potential solar projects and more.
  • Facilitated energy-related, regional facilities manager workshops that resulted in 100% of participants agreeing the overall benefit of knowledge gained was between “satisfactory” and “excellent.”