School Radon Training & Support System Registration


Thanks to grant funding from the Iowa Cancer Consortium and Iowa Department of Public Health, matching grants are available to the first approximately 25 school districts to register for the 2019-20 School Radon Training & Support System (SRTSS). Past SRTSS participants and current EAIS Energy Members have priority access. However a district is not required to be an EAIS Energy Member to participate.

Energy Association of Iowa Schools has taken care of the grant application for you. All your school district needs to do is fill in the form below by the registration deadline of September 20, 2019, to receive: $1000 for new participants and $500/$250/$0 for repeat schools toward training and test kits + access to a $11,500 mitigation assistance grant pool to be shared by all participating school districts as needed. All grant recipients are required to send a school radon team to one Kickoff Workshop and test at least one building. Contact Julie Weisshaar with any questions.